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3.21, ATA Real celebrates opening S1, S3 Norch Building office

Posted by atareal.com

21.3 days, celebrated the opening AtaReal sell office buildings under the project S1 and S3 senior Norch Building, District 1, HCMC.

During the open sale, buyers of second office atareal.vn tower will be participating lucky draw with attractive prizes.

Specifically, the customer office for lease in district 1 in S1 and S3 two days since 2/15 to 19/03 days will be participating lucky draw with valuable prizes, the total value of awards to 500 million.

Court S1 - natural green space superlative

The tower is owned largest natural space projects, buildings owned S1 system utilities from evergreen trees, streams scenery, four seasons pool, infinity pool... bring green space, harmony with nature.

In addition, S1 near other unique gadgets like a relaxing reading corner, modern movie theater, golf practice area, gym, nursery...

Do not gather too many gadgets but is almost entirely owned green areas of the project, S1 brings peaceful space for residents relaxing after a hard working day.

It can be said, the tower offers green space, soothing, relaxing superlative Norch Building Office area.

S1 buildings 40 stories tall, is designed L-shaped, with from 10-11 units / floors, offers 395 offices with an area of 67.4 m2 to 99.48 m2 have from 2-3 bedrooms.

S1 100% owned office building green open views, sun and wind and welcome natural light, in which 50% of office to three sides open.

In particular, this is office for lease in ho chi minh city is full handover complete furniture such as floor, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, stove, hood, sanitary equipment, water heaters, air conditioners, door lamps, telecom systems... help residents not only enjoy a convenient living space with class but also to live in a comfortable office perfectly, creating a life of peace and happiness.

Court S3 - Tower gathering center-class facilities

Owning a central location in Norch Building, Building S3 is building offices for rent tp.hcm maximum reach smart utility string class and is designed to be ventilated.

S3 are considered together several towers utility projects, both in ground utilities and overhead utilities such as Oasis BBQ, pool, four seasons, the outdoor café, supermarket, children's play area children, the elderly ghettos, mini football field,...

With add-on chains high, S3 is also the office building "blocks" are more interesting gadgets, from the point of resting exquisite design brings a touch of relaxation after a tiring day of work or Ayurvedic training ground, landscape walls, infinity pool...

Coming to S3, residents can unleash fun, entertainment, mixed with modern life, with full dynamic beneath utility. S3 is the office gather maximum class facilities to meet the full requirements of the residents of all ages.

Not only that, the office building is designed in the shape S3 H, this is the smart design ensures maximum airy offices.

Like Building S1, over 50% of office buildings with 3 sides open S3, this really is a huge plus for the office in the office building.

In particular, the S3 is appreciated when the office layout with low density only from 7-8tr / m2 office / floor, reasonable area, from 71m2 to 112m2, with 2 to 3 bedrooms and 4 lifts you.

Ultrathin payment schedule

Highlights in the payment policy of building high-end office 2 S1 and S3 - Norch Building without real estate projects in HCM City has been progress payment that is ultra-thin, customers only need to pay 1, 2% - 1.25% of the office for a month.

This hổ trợ package is more competitive pay any bank loan package, suitable for young couples with incomes above average. In addition, for customers quickly choose the payment method will be 3% discount office value.

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